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    Bio Bio river meets the Pacific OceanLooking for a nice place near Concepción?

    A nice and easy to be reached place to relax is the Península de Hualpén, only fifteen minutes from Concepción. You get there by the Costanera and then turn left, just before the Petrox Refinery.

    You pass by a big wooden gate and then go up the hill where you have to pay a small entrance fee if you get there by car. The entrance by bike is free. There is a small and quite interesting museum just beside the main entrance.

    Visit it!

    There is a huge whale skeleton and inside the house there are species from all Chile and the rest of the world and even an egyptian mummy.

    Following the road, you´ll get to the “Desembocadura” where the Bio Bio river meets the Pacific ocean.

    Following the other road, you will get to Chome, a former whale hunting station where only fishermen live nowadays. Another spot is the bay of Ramuntcho, a white sandy beach with some nearby caves where people practice scuba diving.

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