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    CurantoThe Curanto comes from one of Chile´s natives, the Mapuche (mapu – earth; che – people) who live to the south of Chile. Especially Chiloé, the second biggest island of South America, after Tierra del Fuego, is famous for the original curanto which is a stew made in a hole filled with hot stones and tapped by Nalca leaves.

    The curanto itself is a compound of smoked sausage, potatoes, coriander, white wine, chicken, clams and other mussels, sea squirt, merkén (chilly powder), onion and sometimes chapalele (“bread” made by potatoes). When the Curanto is made in a pot, it´s called Pulmay.

    This delicious meal is available in Lenga, a coastal village only ten minutes from Concepción and all coastal villages like Tomé, Lirquén, Penco, etc.

    Good appetite!


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