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    Pastel de Choclo - Chile - ConcepciónPastel de Choclo is a typical Chilean speciality. It is made by mashed corn, eggs, sliced onion, raisins and minced meat or chicken. Before giving it into the oven, an olive is added. You can find it at almost all restaurants in and around Concepción Chile.

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    Pastel de Choclo ist eine typisch chilenische Spezialität. Gemacht wird es aus grob gemahlenem Mais, gekochtem Ei, ein wenig Zwiebel, Rosinen und Hackfleisch oder Hühnchen. Bevor es ab in den Ofen geht, wird noch eine Olive in das Gemisch eingebracht. Pastel de Choclo gibt es in vielen Restaurants in und um Concepción Chile.

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    After party recovery in Concepción - ManhattanManhattan is a classic in Concepción

    It is all about a container located beside the Vega Monumental (market) where hungry Penquistas (people from Concepción) get their sandwich after the long carrete (party nights). The hungry bar flies come from bars and discos from all over the city: Pedro de Valdivia, Barrio Universitario, Barrio Estación, San Pedro de La Paz…you name it.

    The customers have one thing in common: To get one of the revival sandwiches before the hangover attacks. Manhattan does not sell alcoholic drinks but helps people who get there in bad conditions to recover themselves.

    The sandwich making is a show worth to see.Making a recovery sandwich at Manhattan.

    Opening times: Monday to Sunday – 10:00 pm to 8:30 am

    Prices per sandwich: around 2.500.- Chilean Pesos

    Location: Beside the Vega Monumenta, near a gas station. Anyway, everybody knows Manhattan, so just ask the person beside you on the bar.

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