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Chilean Spanish is unique.

Just visit the Plaza de la Independencia and try to understand what people say. Even for visitors that count on a big previous knowledge is it sometimes impossible to understand Chilean Spanish as people “swallow” the s, talk as fast as if the end of the world was near or just use words you´ve never ever heard before, the so- called Chilenismos.

Examples of Chilean slang:

huevón – literally: big egg – friend, enemy, man, guy, husband, etc.

micro – city bus

do´ limone´ – two lemons

Spanish course or Spanish coaching with HelloChile

Our methods and techniques are based on the constructivism, with increasing immersion and we perfectly know that it is impossible to learn Spanish in big groups with stressed Spanish teachers, so we just do the opposit: Our goal is to create a relaxed atmosphere in a café, museum, park, your place, etc. where you perform the lessons. Most of our Spanish courses are held one- on- one. You can purchase packages of twenty pedagogical hours or each which are divided into ten sessions or just book session after session. Even students with no previous Spanish knowledge can “walk alone” after only twenty sessions as your tutor is omnipresent.

HelloChile Spanish teachers – coaches

All our tutors, coaches and Spanish teachers know English, but are strictly told to use it as little as possible. Most of them have lived in Englisch- speaking countries, such as England, Scotland, the USA, Canada and Australia, so they exactly know how difficult it is for you to get along in the new, Chilean, environment. Our teachers are more than that – they treat you as a friend and are available 24/7.

Whichever question you have, just give them a call or send an e-mail.

Our Spanish teachers are also open for your special needs and can change contents or include new ones – according to your objectives.

HelloChile study material

Our study material comes from Spain but contains topics about Latin America and is adapted to what we call Chilean Spanish. If you wish, you can get extra material, in order to improve or just exercise your skills.

Before we start

Before we start any Spanish course or tutoring, we have a short get- together in a centric café or, if not possible, by phone or video call, where we talk about your goals and how to achieve them. The sessions are distributed according to your and your tutor´s availability.

We also help you organize your housing in Concepción.

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HelloChile also organizes interesting trips and tours to the surrounding of Concepción and Middle Chile.More information HERE!

Spanish courses and levels

Spanish A1- A2: Beginner
For people who do not have any Spanish knowledge and want to perform non- complex daily situations. Recommended for travelers.
Spanish B1: Intermediate
For people with a basic  Spanish knowledge who want to perform daily informal situations of intermediate complexity. Get started for the university, the job, your Chile trip, etc.
Spanish B2: Upper Intermediate
For people with a broad basic knowledge of Spanish who want to perform daily complex situations andformal non- complex  situations. Spanish for the university, college, your job, travelers, etc.
Spanish C1: Advanced
For people with a broad background of Spanish language and Latin American culture who want to performdaily and formal situation of intermediate to advanced complexity. For university students, your job, travelers, etc.
Spanish C2: Upper Advanced
For people with a very broad and deep knowledge of Latin American Spanish and culture who want to perform daily and formal situations of high complexity. For university students who have to give exams in Spanish, your job, business travelers, etc.
Business Spanish 
For people related to the business world who want to be able to perform formal situations (e.g. meetings, conferences, negotiations, controlling, visits to the field, correspondence, etc).

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