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Concepción – Chile – and its surroundings 

East of Concepción – Chile

Very beautiful landscapes can be found in Las Trancas Valley and the Termas de Chillán, reputed as the skiing resort with the best snow in the southern hemisphere. Easy to reach by car or public bus from Chillán located 100 km to the east of Concepción, passing by the villages of Pinto and Recinto, activities like trekking, horseback riding, mountain bike trips and the ascent of mountains and volcanoes (e.g.Volcán Chillán) are offered. You can also visit a cave and go alpine skiing, practice ski randonnée, or relax in the nearby hot springs in Valle Hermoso. A five star hotel, cabañas, camp sites, lodges, and hostels invite you to stay.

Termas de Chillán

From Chillán, following the Panamerican highway, about 25 km after Cabrero towards south, you reach the Saltos del Laja, Chile´s largest waterfalls that can directly be reached from the motorway. The touristic infrastructure includes campsites, cabañas, bike and kayak rental, as well as motorboat trips on the river below the biggest waterfall.

Salto del laja

The Laguna del Laja National Park can be reached from Los Angeles, located  beside the Panamerican motorway or Ruta 5. On the bottom of volcano Antuco you can find some short ski lifts and can cross over to Argentina in the summer when the nearby Andean pass is open.