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Camper and motorhome in Chile - Concepción!
Discover Chile by camper - motorhome!




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Camper and motorhome in Chile - Concepción

Minimum requirements for camper - motorhome rental

  • National or international driver’s license
  • Credit card with a limit of minimum 1,000 €
  • Minimum 25 years of age
  • Minimum rental of 7 days

Camper - motorhome rental / hire includes:

  • 250 km daily
  • Bed sheets
  • Sleeping bags
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Outdoors grill
  • Outdoors tables and chairs
  • Cleaning agents
  • Tourist guide with roadmap from TurisTel
  • Spare tire
  • Tool box
  • Lifting jack
  • Jumper cable
  • Extension cable and high voltage adaptor 220 V
  • Water hose
  • Full gasoline tank
  • Full water tank
  • Propane gas cylinder
  • Up to 10,000 CLP highway toll*
  • Transfer to / from camper depot**
  • 24 hours emergency phone service
  • Emergency cell phone

* This only applies to the automatic TAG system. Tolls that have to be paid in cash at the toll booths are to be born by the renter)
*Only in Santiago

Compulsory coverage: camper - motorhome rental

The rental prices do not contain insurance, however, we offer a vehicle-CDW combination insurance with either 1,000 € or 350 € deductible per accident. Damages to the vehicle and to the camper up to total loss as well as material and personal damages of third parties are covered up to the amount of ca. 130,000 €.

Pick-up and Drop-off of campers- motorhomes in Chile

Can be arranged outside of Santiago (but inside Chile), as well as on weekend and holidays (see section Rates). On January 1 and on December 25 campers will neither be rented out nor received. The usual drop-off location for the campers outside of Santiago is either the local airport or a previously agreed upon place, usually a hotel.

Border crossing from Chile to Argentina

Leaving Chilean territory is only possible to Argentina, neither to Bolivia, nor to Peru. Before the border crossing to Argentina, it is possible to get the mandatory CDW and vehicle insurance for abroad through us. Moreover, costs for documentation will incur.
It is possible to issue CDW for abroad for different timeframes, which affects its cost. The CDW for abroad comes into effect on the day it has been dated for, thus Holiday Rent should be informed about the intended day of border crossing at least three workdays before the rental, so the insurance policy can be dated adequately. This insurance is only effective on Argentinean territory. The client is at liberty to enter and exit the country as many times as he pleases as long it is within the timeframe defined in the policy. In case of the CDW for 180 days, the client is obligated to cross the Chilean border at least one time within 90 days, due visa related
issues. After that, the client is free to return to Argentina for another 90 days, until the expiration of the insurance.
The vehicle insurance covers damages to the own vehicle as well as the camper up to total loss. The CDW covers material damages to third parties up an amount of 20,000 US Dollar and personal damages to third parties up to an amount of 40,000 US Dollar.
Attention: Before crossing the border to Argentine, we highly recommend the rental of snow chains! (see Accessories list)

Guarantee for camper - motorhome rental in Chile

As a measure of guarantee the renter is obligated to to sign a credit card voucher in blank. This voucher will be handed back to the renter upon return of the vehicle, given that there are no irregularities. The vehicle as well as the camper are to be returned in a clean swept state, fuelled up and in the same state as it has been found upon rental. In case that the vehicle or the camper are returned in an unacceptable state of tidiness, Holiday Rent reserves the right to charge the renter a cleaning fee of 40 €. In case that the previously established mileage has been exceeded, a charge of 0.50 € per km applies. We highly recommend notifying us as soon as the usage of excess mileage becomes apparent.

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