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Chile - Tours and excursions in Southern Chile - Concepción!
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Tours and excursions in Southern Chile - Concepción

Tours and excursions in the south of Chile - from Concepción:

Isla Mocha

Isla Mocha - Pirate island in the Pacific Ocean

Woods and Pirates

Island of around 2182 hectares, located about 21/2 hours to the south of Concepción and 35 kilometers (aprox. 12 minutes flight) in front of the continent, getting there by a small plane or boat. The island was visited by several pirates (e.g.Sir Francis Drake, 1578), so the locals think there are hidden treasures on the island. More than 100 sunk ships are a paradise for scuba divers. Sea lions and whales live around the island Isla Mocha. The most comonly used vehicle is the horse cart. The Reserve gives shelter to uncommon species, above all the red- food hearwater(Puffinus Creatopus) which has only around 50.000 individuals left worldwide; the species nests almost exclusively on the Isla Mocha. Furthermore, we find the dwarf- deer Pudú (Pudu Pudu), many endemic trees such as the breath- taking Arrayán(Luma Apiculata) which has up to 2 meters diameter.

Duration: 3 days

Day 1: Trip from Concepción to Tirúa, flight to the island, transportation to the family house, lunch, dinner.
Day 2: Breakfast, hiking through the island from north to south, easy hike, lunch, dinner.
Day 3: Breakfast, lunch, trip back to Concepción
Type of accommodation: family house, camping (tent) possible.
Activities: Trekking (included in the program), birding, (fly) fishing, surfing, scuba diving, trip to the sea lion islands in front of the Islote bay and good fishing zones
Important information: trekking equipment required, only cash accepted on the Isla Mocha;
Language: Spanish; an English- speaking local guide can be organized.


City Tour Concepción

The tour starts at your hotel and then goes to the most important historical monuments and natural sights of the city of Concepción and its near surroundings. HelloChile can also organize touristic flights over the city and the Bio Bio Region for individuals and groups. English- speaking guide.


Concepción and surroundings

The tour starts in Concepción and takes us further south to the former hard coal extraction area "Ruta del Carbón" in Coronel and Lota where we visit a former mine with galleries under the Pacific Ocean. In the afternoon we board the Huáscar in Talcahuano, a historically very important ship which was involved in the Nitre War. If wanted, the tour finishes with an awsome touristic flight above Concepción. English- speaking guide.

Active weekend Pucón

Active weekend in Pucón

Adventure, fun, adrenalin, that´s the well- known face of Pucón. But there are also other aspects: relaxation and charging energy. YOU select the activities of your weekend in Pucón. Hike the volcano, go rafting or try hydro speed, trek through National Parks, go horseback riding, visit hot springs , go mountain biking, take perfect pictures or enjoy the great nightlife- YOU decide what to do!

Sightseeing flights around Concepción

Touristic flights - Concepción and surroundings

HelloChile organizes touristic flights over Concepción, the peninsula of Hualpén and Talcahuano, crossing the Bio Bio river but also to the south of the Bio Bio Region (e.g.Cañete, Tirúa, Isla Mocha) or towards Chillán and the Andes Range.

Salto del laja

Day trip to the Salto del Laja waterfall

The Salto del Laja is only one hour away from Concepción and fascinates every visitor because of its natural beauty. Relaxed ones prefer a photo shooting, more sporty ones can rent a bike, a horse, or book a river- boat trip. After discovering the area, half a dozen of restaurants invite to enjoy a typical Chilean meal. There are also rooms and camp sites available.


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