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The south of Concepción – Chile

At the Lago Lanalhue and Lago Lleulleu, two remote and picturesque lakes, partially still inhabited by the Lafquenche (indigenes) you find places where you can camp or rent a cabaña (hut). The car ride from Concepción takes three hours.

Lago lleu-lleu

Only twenty minutes by airplane separates the Isla Mocha from the continent where farmers and fishermen live. Although no motorized vehicle is allowed there, the natural reserve offers a modern touristic infrastructure with fly fishing, mountain biking, scuba diving, and trekking. There are campsites, but also comfortable private rooms and huts (cabañas) for rent. The flights go from Concepción or Tirúa.

Isla Mocha

The Nahuelbuta (Big Jaguar) National Park is also located three to four hours by car to the south of Concepción and can be reached by the Ruta 160 highway until Antiguala, another possibility to get there is from Angol, IX Region. Especially trekkers, but also fauna and flora enthusiasts as well as ornithologists will find a very nice place to visit.

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